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Member ID : TFG2611223
City : Hyderabad
Postal Code : 500020
Joining Date : 19/03/2018

Thanks To TFG. It gave me my first saraly i'm very happy in working thank you so much for your support

Rohit Verma

Member ID : TFG4007580
City : Hisar
Postal Code : 125001
Joining Date : 19/03/2018

This is a great job; I have tried many so called legitimate companies, to always be disappointed. This is truly the best on the market. I have no regrets on my decision to become a member. Great data entry jobs! Keep up the nice work. I was so pleased that you never ever asked me to pay for anything. What a compliment to an already great job.


Member ID : TFG3404852
City : Bangalore
Postal Code : 562112
Joining Date : 17/03/2018

An opportunity to earn, not a money nor a's and opportunity to earn memories with best of ours in the best of our known place with the best price can have with the best holiday sponsorers ..

Ismail P E

Member ID : tfg6096349
City : Bangalore
Postal Code : 571201
Joining Date : 16/03/2018

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Dharmik shsh

Member ID : TFG3058197
City : Ahmedabad
Postal Code : 382415
Joining Date : 15/03/2018

Tfg vacations is very nice and superb website which offer a job to any one and also gave nice packages for everyone it one of the superb platform for earning money from home or from any where I love this website I have earning the money and their is no any problem for earning money it is really superb platform or website for earning website

Niyati Doshi

Member ID : TFG1731673
City : Ahmedabad
Postal Code : 364290
Joining Date : 13/03/2018

Hi.. I would like to say thanks to such a nice opportunity to work.... In this company I m working about 3 months. I contacted Tfg and taken the risk and paid the amount n started doing the I am getting my money every month without any failure...TFG is such an excellent company.. Thanks TFG Vacations...

sandeep Sharma

Member ID : TFG7177065
City : Barnala
Postal Code : 148101
Joining Date : 13/03/2018

Keep up the great work! After a devastating car accident, I needed to work only from home. I am thankful for the daily job search referrals from TFG vacation. Being on unemployment is not ideal, but I felt new hope every morning when my referral list was already waiting for me in my email. Thank you, TFG vacation.


Member ID : TFG5928411
City : Valsad
Postal Code : 396150
Joining Date : 12/03/2018

I am a student and i belong to a poor family . I must dream big but due to financial poverty I loose my hope but I decided to live my self independent life , I joined TFG vacation I think it is the best place for the online part time job and really I am satisfy with my life now .


Member ID : TFG8314268
City : Indore
Postal Code : 452010
Joining Date : 12/03/2018

Hi Team, I am rohit singh patel working part of TFG. TFG Vacations is the place can invest less and get so much return that you cannot count and instant access or quick return. Also it is place can book on holiday va cations plan and enjoy the vacation. TFG will provide quick results and better solution. Company main priority is to help people as they can and make them shine in the life. Company is providing quicker response, and gives better opportunity to people come forward in life and succeed. Company is providing lot of job opportunities to people as their time and expected job to work in home or office as convenient. Company strength is to come forward and make people succeed in life. Career is to work together and explore opportunities to people. Spending few hours of time to work and earn more is the key of company providing better growth to people. I am happy to be part of TFG as a employee make my life and growth succeed in life and achieve the goal. Thank You

Nikhil Suhas Bendarkar

Member ID : TFG3025753
City : Pune
Postal Code : 411039
Joining Date : 12/03/2018


Soma Sanyal

Member ID : tfg2049457
City : Kolkata
Postal Code : 700097
Joining Date : 10/03/2018

TFG Vacations giving very good income opportunity as working from Home. And our Sponsor Ruhee is very helpful. I am loving to work for the company.

Sadia Aejaj Abrahani

Member ID : tfg2474697
City : Junagadh
Postal Code : 362001
Joining Date : 09/03/2018

Respected sir, I would like to be thankful for all your precious hardwork to serve your employees the best you can. Thank you we highly appreciate and recommend your company and your work .

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