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Pushkar is a town in the Ajmer district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Pushkar is in centre-east part of Rajasthan, on the western side of Aravalli mountains.Pushkar has many temples. The most famous among Pushkar temples is the red spired Brahma Temple built during the 14th century CE. . It is considered a sacred city by the Hindus particularly in Shaktism, and meat and eggs consumption are forbidden in the city.
Pushkar is located on the shore of Pushkar Lake, which has many ghats where pilgrims bathe. Pushkar is also significant for its Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. One of the bathing ghats is called Gobind ghat built by the Marathas in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh. Pushkar is famous for its annual fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) featuring a trading fete of cattle, horses and camels.

How to Reach Pushkar?

The holy town Pushkar is located 416 kilometers from Delhi. The best way to reach there is either take Ajmer Shatabdi in morning or an overnight bus.

By Plane
The nearest airport is in Jaipur, 3 hours away.

By Bus
There are direct buses between Pushkar and Ajmer (30 minutes, ₹20), Jaipur (3 hours, ₹220-410), Udaipur (6 hours, ₹450), and night buses to Delhi (10 hours, ₹400-850).
Buses leave for Pushkar from both the bus stand and the railway station (see below).

By Train
Due to its mountainous location, trains to Pushkar are very infrequent and slow. However, the train station in nearby Ajmer provides great connections to most major cities in India. From the Ajmer train station, you can either take a taxi to Pushkar (30 minutes, ₹500-600), Uber (₹300 flat), or take the public bus.
From Ajmer, buses leave from both the bus stand and from the railway station. If you are coming off the train, ignore the rickshaw/taxi drivers who will tell you that you have to go to the bus stand 1.6 km away to catch the bus to Pushkar. Walk out of the train station and you will see a pedestrian overpass above the main road. Take this overpass to the opposite side and wait near it on the street for the bus (again, ignoring more taxi drivers). The bus will come and a man will likely be yelling "Pushkar, Pushkar, Pushkar!" - 20 rs, 30 minute ride.


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